GSoC 2021 TensorFlow Project

About Me

Manoeuvre TF Lite in Edge Devices

What is TF Lite?

Ideal Audience

  • The model should be light-weighted to load the model…

Flutter ❤️

Why Flutter?

What is Provider?

NodeJS with Redis

What is Caching?

What is Redis?

  1. Size reduction leads to the smaller storage size in edge devices like mobile phones, raspberry pi etc. Even a small size model consumes less RAM which gives us better performance and stability.
  2. Latency will also get reduced. (The amount of time taken by the model to get a single inference in the edge devices is known as latency.) Latency also reduces power consumption in edge devices.
  3. For some hardware accelerated devices like Edge GPU, the model…

Sayan Nath

I am amongst the top contributors in Github from India currently, my rank is #136. I am an aspiring Junior Data Scientist at Codebugged AI.

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